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Treatments available

Muscle relaxing injections using a purified product

Dermal fillers using Succeev Boletero Juvederm Restylane and Teosyal

Juvederm voluma for cheek enhancemant has been a very popular filler

All these treatments must be administered by a qualified medical professional. You should ensure that you are aware of the effects side effects of treatment. Check out how long the effects will last.
Sometimes combinations of treatment may be recommended to get the best effect

Cosmetic Medicine is a rapidly advancing speciality and new treatments and procedures are constantly being developed creating a whole plethora which come under the term “Medical Beauty Treatments”. It is important to ensure that the treatment for each client is appropriate and carried out in the safest and most effective manner.We will decline to administer treatment if it is felt to be medically unsafe or inappropriate



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We can provide botox and dermal filler treatments to patients from Stamford Peterborough Oundle Kettering Uppingham Market Deeping Huntingdon (Counties of Cambridgeshire Northamptonshire Lincolnshire Rutland and Leicestershire ) Brands include botox vistabel xiomin bocouture


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