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Wrinkle relaxation FAQ

What areas can be treated with wrinkle relaxing injections?

Frown Lines: above the bridge of the nose

Forehead lines: Horizontal lines between the hairline and eyebrows.

Crows feet: Lines radiating outwards from the corners of the eyes.

Bunny lines: Those that appear along the side of the nose.

Lower Jaw definition: Reducing the jowl look under the lower jaw.

Necklines: Those lines produced by the platysma muscle radiating from the lower jaw along the front of the neck and décolleté. Sometimes referred to as ‘turkey neck’ these lines are either horizontal ‘necklace lines’ or the vertical bands that are prominent when you clench your teeth.

Gummy Smile. Sometimes the lip line is high exposing a large amount of gum above the upper teeth - ‘The Esther Rantzen Smile’ Discrete treatment of the muscles that position the upper lip ( levator labii superioris alaeque nasi) can lower the lip line to produce a less ‘gummy’ smile.

Other Areas: softening ‘smokers lines’ around the lips,
Raising the corners of the mouth, raising the tip of the nose and softening fine cheek lines.

Who can benefit from treatment?

Anyone concerned about facial lines and wrinkles. Treatment produces a fresher more relaxed look while still allowing facial expression. It is sensible to treat developing lines early before they become too deep set. However clients of all ages can benefit from treatment. Your expectations will be discussed at your first consultation

Is the treatment safe?

Yes, the medication has been used for medical procedures for over thirty years without any known long-term problems. Potential rare short-term side effects will be discussed fully at your consultation and ways to minimise these occurrences will be fully explained.

How dose the medication work?

The medication temporarily interferes with the transmission of messages between muscles and the nerves that control them. Normal function returns to the muscle after several months. At this point more treatment is desirable to maintain the enhanced facial appearance.

Who should not be treated?

Clients who are pregnant or breast-feeding or who have Lambert Eaton syndrome or Myasthenia gravis (serious muscle wasting conditions) Clients who are taking blood-thinning medicines such as Warfarin or high dose of aspirin may be treated but are more likely to experience temporary bruising.

Is the treatment painful?

No. The medication is injected in very small doses with an ultra fine needle. It is mildly uncomfortable and doesn’t need any anaesthetic. However some clients ask us to use a surface skin anaesthetic such as LMX4 cream

How long does the treatment take?

The initial consultation usually takes about half an hour. The actual treatment often takes less than ten minutes.

What improvement will I see after treatment?

You will see the lines and wrinkles in the treated areas looking softer and less obvious. Your face will look younger and more relaxed. The improvement in appearance takes about five days to start and it reaches its optimum after about a fortnight. Click here to view our image gallery

Is there anything that I should or shouldn’t do after treatment?

• Do not rub or massage treated area

• Do not apply makeup for up to 4 hours after treatment

• Do not perform any strenuous exercise for up to 6 hours

• Do not drink alcohol for 6 hours

• Do not lie down for 4 hours after treatment

• If you have any bruises you may apply Arnica gel to area

• Avoid having a facial for 24 hours

• Do not take any long haul flights for 24 hours

When will I see a difference?

After about five days. The full effect is seen after two weeks.

How long does the improvement last?

Between 3 to 5 months depending on your individual response. Subsequent treatments tend to last longer.

Will it leave my face frozen and without expression?

No. We assess the optimum dose to produce a relaxed soft appearance but you will still have facial expression.

Are there any after effects?

Generally no. Some people may experience slight bruising or swelling immediately after treatment. We will discuss this in detail with you at the time of your consultation.

Can I combine this with filler treatments?

Yes. You can have an integrated treatment plan combining wrinkle relaxing injections with dermal fillers

How much does treatment cost?

This is assessed on an individual basis and will be made clear before your first treatment.
Initial consultation is free of charge so so have a chance to decide after you have full information.
Guide prices are shown below

Wrinkle relaxation injections price for:
1 Area £200   e.g. frown lines
2 Areas £275 eg  frown lines plus forehead lines
3 Areas £295 (frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet at the corners of the eyes)
Prices cover a full course of treatment which involves an initial consultation, the actual injection procedure and a review of results at two weeks where a top up dose can be given if needed.
Remember that if you are comparing prices with other providers that we do not charge any extra consultation fees and do not charge for further treatment if needed at two weeks. We also source our injections and materials direct from manufacturers or accredited UK distributors to ensure the quality of the materials




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