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The use of dermal fillers

Some Wrinkle lines and folds  occur with ageing as a result of thinning of skin and loss of elasticity. Dermal fillers can be used to correct these imperfections by injecting it just beneath the wrinkles and lines causing them to smooth out. The commonly affected areas include the lines that run from the side of the nose to the edge of the mouth, lines around the mouth, cheeks, acne scars and lips. Dermal filling is a popular and easy way of achieving a younger look with little time and at a reasonable expense when compared with cosmetic surgery.

There are a range of dermal fillers to suit the precise area being treated. These products have been extensively tested to be safe and effective and are widely used. We do not use any of the older products such as collagen injections and fat implants as these are more likely to have side effects. Some of the brands available are Belotero Juvederm Restylanebefore and after













The choice of dermal filler requires careful consideration and is decided by the doctor at your consultation according to your skin appearance and the effect you wish to create. The amount of dermal filler used is dependent upon the degree of wrinkling and the site being treated. Sometimes a combination treatment may be recommended with wrinkle relaxing injections.

The procedure is straightforward and takes approximately 30-45 minutes. The area is first numbed with a local anaesthetic cream or injection. The dermal filler is then injected in specific areas. Some mild redness or swelling usually occurs in the treated area. These effects typically resolve in two or three days. Rarely, the redness may last longer and there can also be some bruising. The cosmetic results are immediate and the effects last about 9 months.

Juvederm voluma is a newer filler which wasa approved two years are cheek enhancement treatment - this treats the loss of volume in the mid face and cheek area often occuring in patients after age 40. It acts as a non surgical lift and has been very popular especially as the effects are immediate after treatment and our experience has been of minimal bruising or swelling. This treatment also has the benefit of lasting 12-18 months before a top up treatment is need

More info at : http://www.juvederm.co.uk/dermal-fillers/cheek-fillers.aspx

If there is a history of multiple severe allergies or collagen vascular disorders such as systemic lupus or a susceptibility to keloid scars, then the doctor will advise against using dermal fillers.

In the UK we mainly aim for a “natural” look and avoid excessive treatment as most clients want a gradual improvement and to minimise the risk of swelling or bruising. Dermal fillers results




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